Spectros Corporation, Employing Bad People

Richardson, Texas 3 comments
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Spectros has employed two girls that have drug abuse problems and whom are taking advantage of the corporation.

The problem is that they are also smart and have found a way to manipulate the executives into thinking they are good employees.

They should really clean this up by finding people with real credientials and maybe even a high school degree.

Since they are making high end medical equipment and dealing with people in the medical indsutry, you would think that Spectros woul find people that represented them professionally. It is a matter of time before the executives at Spectros realize that they made a mistake.

Review about: Mediucal Equipment.


Los Altos, California, United States #702107

Elizabeth Van Thillo is addicted to botox as well


Elizabeth Van Thillo

Anna Ring

to Clinical Coordinator Alameda, California, United States #661627

Elizabeth Van Thillo has a Meth and cocaine problem.

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